Height - 2.1 cm


Some minor repair


Baidun Family Collection





A Canaanite Steatite Scarab Engraved with a Figure in a Striking Pose


The figure on the underside of this scarab has his arm raised and his legs in motion as he prepares to strike. Yet the man remains frozen in his stance as though fate holds him back from ever taking action. The tension of the image is heightened by the surrounding scenery, decorated as it is with menacing lines and grooves that jut out against his body in a climactic struggle. Even more amazing is how the artist of this piece managed to fit the entire scene on the size of a thumb. The scarab was carved from soapstone that has remains delicate yet hardened by age. The intricate details of the man as well as the scarab’s body and head were carved over 3500 years ago, sometime between 1550 BC – 1400 BC in the Canaanite kingdom of the ancient Levant. This piece has been expertly restored and is in excellent condition.