Width - 12 - 12.5 cm


Fine condition


Baidun Family Collection





A Set of Two Canaanite Shell Bracelets


From the earliest civilizations, humans have adorned their body with trinkets and jewelry in order to increase the allure of both sexes. The large bracelets seen here are no exception to the rule and would have been prominent decorations on a woman’s wrist in ancient Rome. One can see the resourcefulness of using the shells of small turtles to carve these unique bracelets, and it is hard to imagine a similar design to be produced today in the age of PETA and the ASPCA. But in ancient Rome, few were given leniency in the pursuit of entertainment and beauty. The cool white calcium of the shell is stained attractively with a light amber color that sweeps along the wavy surface. The wide flat facade is itself notched and warped, yet remains in exquisite condition and would not be out of place on the runways in Milan and New York City, although we recommend that they remain for display purposes only. These bracelets would complement any collection, be it one of jewelry or antiquity, and can be displayed in any setting. These bracelets are from the Middle Bronze Age of approximately 1730 BC – 1550 BC.