Height - 4.5 cm


Fine condition


Baidun Family Collection





A Bronze Syro-Hittite "Pillar Figurine" Pendent


This mysterious pendant would have been a powerful accessory for its ancient owner, reflecting the totems and taboos of the ancient Syro-Hittite civilization. This Pillar Figurine was hewn from bronze by the careful hands of a craftsman as he set the mold of this slender object. This figurine would most likely have lent reverence towards the god or goddess it represented, as it is quite serene and guards its body with its two hands, one above the other. Safety and serenity were as much as anyone could have asked for during the height of the Syro-Hittite empire, a brief era marked by rich soils and a central location along a number of profitable trading routes. The tiny details of the figurines face and hands are fine and subtle, while a rectangle loop protrudes from the back denoting how the piece hung from its reverent owner. This figurine is in excellent condition and is 4.5 cm in height.