Height - 9 cm
Width - 7.5 cm


Excellent condition


Baidun Family Collection





A Beautiful Roman Glass Aryblos


Aryballos are small spherical flasks with narrow necks found throughout ancient Greece. They often contained perfumes or oils and are closely associated in paintings with bathing athletes. This glass aryballos shows the distinct globular body of similar vessels, yet it remains unique in the sharply pinched handles and the smoothly flattened mouth at the top of its neck. The vessel’s glass surface has been worn to a soft, glaze-like substrate that warmly receives light along its widely rounded surface. This piece comes with a short stand that highlights the vessel’s smooth curved surfaces. The vessel dates from approximately 200 AD – 400 AD and is 7.5 cm in width and 9 cm in height, making it a perfect adornment for your living room or study. An instant conversation piece, this aryballos is sure to make a lasting impression on your friends and family, no matter their age or inclination.