Length - 10.5 cm


Fine condition
The knob is reattached, Some natural weathering


Baidun Family Collection


CF. Adler N., Oil lamps of the Holy Land, no.952 p. 153



A Byzantine Beit Natif Style Oil Lamp


A Byzantine early Beit Natif style of the bow shaped nozzle oil lamp. These lamps are considered to be a continuation of the Biet Natif lamps. Their shape is more elongated with a less concave nozzle. The decorations are similar to the bow shaped nozzle lamps and include amphorae, grape vines and geometric designs. The shoulders are narrow and decorated with a linear pattern or wreath band. All lamps have a straight knob handle, sometime decorated with a palm branch or lines. The top of this oil lamp has an amphora with two grape clusters flanking sides on the nozzle, and a linear band on each shoulder. Triple rim around filling hole. A double ring base, and a knob handle with a palm branch