Height - 6 cm
Length - 8.5 cm


Fine condition
The horns are missing


Baidun Family Collection





An Alabaster Sabaean Head of a Bull


Bulls have long been symbols of strength and power throughout the millennia. The weighty folds of this bull’s eyes, nose and head lend an outsized weight to this ancient sculpture. The alabaster is of a rich caramel color that emits warmth and softness. The carefully rendered details of this animal’s simple features show how intimately the artist understood its subject in a time when bulls represented wealth and command. This alabaster bull comes set in an attractive stand that displays this ancient sculpture both safely and handsomely. The piece dates from 100 BC to 100 AD and is a relic of the ancient Sabaean culture that lived in the south west of the Arabian peninsula up to approximately 2000 years ago.