Height - 8.5 cm


Excellent condition with nice patina


Baidun Family Collection


Cf. Whithouse D., Roman Glass of the corning Museum, no. 212, p 132 Vol 1



A Beautiful Roman Transparent Aubergine Tear (Toilet) Bottle


This tear bottle is a beautiful example of why these bottles get their names, for it is the vessel’s tear-shaped base that led early archaeologists to surmise it was used to gather the tears of mourners during funerals. It is true that tear bottles were used for funerals, but rather than hold tears, they held various ointments and tinctures used by ancient Romans in their death rites. The bottle’s glass still shimmers along its bulged base, which tapers up to a cylindrical neck topped by a flanged mouth that’s folded out and flat. The bottle has been remarkably preserved and remains in excellent condition. And while these bottles once flourished under Rome’s many glassworks, renowned for their advanced techniques and prolific output. Sadly, few remain, and that is what makes the luster and condition of this piece unique among the record.