Height - 45 cm


Fine condition
Some Natural Weathering


Baidun Family Collection





A Long Decorated Islamic Mirror


It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yet this mirror begs the question of whether beauty can also be in the hand of the beholder as well. This gorgeous mirror proves that in ancient Islamic civilizations, a comely face could be made all the more beautiful when reflected by such an ornate artifact as this. The classic patterns of ancient Islam are seen on the mirror’s rear face and along the length of its thin handle. The handle’s base is additionally decorated with a decorated spade, topped off with an additional flourish of luxurious design, elevating this simple mirror from the mundane to a highly personal and practical object. Dating from approximately 1000 AD – 1400 AD, this mirror reminds us that looking at ourselves is often the best way to know others, no matter the gulfs that divide us.