Height - 16 cm


Fine Condtion


Baidun Family Collection





A Byzantine Marble Head of a Female Wearing a Wig


How do we know this Byzantine female is wearing a wig? The ornate hairstyle seen on this head goes beyond the even the most adventurous of women, and the widespread use of wigs would have allowed the sculpture’s subject to project a powerful and alluring image of herself for generations. The artist has marvelously rendered the wig’s thick texture, while the woman’s features are comparatively conservative in their even demeanor. With such aforementioned fine assets, this Byzantine woman was most likely the proud wife of a successful merchant or politician in what is modern day Turkey. This woman’s head was carved out of marble, so it is in excellent condition. The woman’s body has been lost to time, as much of the large objects of antiquity, yet her face remains strong and clear beyond time. This piece dates from approximately 400 AD – 500 AD and is 16 cm in height