Height - 22 cm


Minor chips on the rim
Some natural weathering on the body


Baidun Family Collection


Cf. Amiran, R., Ancient Pottery of the Holy Land no. 9, plate 56, pp. 182-183



A Brown Double Handle Canaanite, Local Base Ring Ware "Bilbil"


This piece dates from the late Bronze II period in ancient Canaan and owes its smooth features to the introduction of the wheel in pottery only a few generations prior. The vessel’s short base flares in and then outward again to produce a large body that connects with a conical neck, which is topped by a short quick flattening outward of the mouth. The design is simple, yet distinctly Canaanite as denoted by the creamy yellow terra cotta used in its creation. Ancient cultures required these vessels in nearly every station of life, whether to hold water, wine, oil or ointment. The surface of this piece is in excellent condition, with only minor chips on the rim’s top. The piece’s height is 22 cm, and is the perfect size for a respectable place in any collector’s home.