Height - 1.9 cm


Fine condition


Baidun Family Collection





A Pair of Bronze Coins of the Governor Pontius Pilatus at the Time of Jesus, Mounted in 18k Gold Earrings


These attractive earrings were made of bronze coins from the time of Pontius Pilate, the biblical governor of Judaea from the time of Jesus. The rich green of these coins are encased in bright gold braided bands made by a local master jeweler exclusively for the Baidun collection. Under Rome, Judaea printed the regional designs of the currency seen here. These coin’s markings, which faded over time, have been restored to reveal their ancient beauty. Also seen are characters of the local Paleo-Hebraic alphabet to denote where and when these coin were minted. These coins remain in excellent condition and date from approximately 26 AD – 36 AD.