Height - 21 cm


Fine condition


Baidun Family Collection





A Ceramic Figurine of a Draped Female


This figurine does not represent one of the many gods or historical figures of ancient Rome. Rather, it depicts an everyday Roman subject wrapped in a non-assuming outfit. The simple subject matter makes this figurine all the more beautiful, her soft shape tightly wound by her arms as she pulls closely on the fabric on her shoulder and sides. Representations of normal Roman citizens were not uncommon during the early 1st millennium AD, but pieces of this quality are quite rare and give us a glimpse into how the people viewed themselves in an age when Emperors were treated as gods and ruled accordingly. This piece dates from 100 AD – 400 AD, a time when Rome’s glory was on the wane. The simple woman seen here reminds us that for all the lessons of the history book, there were a great deal of people who still respected beauty in an age of needless decline.