Height - 3.1 cm


Fine Condition


Baidun Family Collection





Egyptian Faience Amulet of a Hippo


This ancient Egyptian amulet takes the form of a hippopotamus. Regarded then and now for its strength as well as its ferocity, this amulet would have been a recognizable symbol throughout the Nile region. The hippopotamus is reared up with its head lowered into a pose that could be both reverent as well as guarded. The stout legs are softly shaped against the animal’s large strong body. The animal’s large head contains the softly large features of its mouth and eyes, staring proudly forward. This piece dates from approximately 600 BC – 300 BC and is 3.1 cm in height. The hippopotamus remains in excellent condition, slightly smooth from age, yet restored to reveal the soft shine of the faience’s glaze.