Height - 15 cm


Fine condition


Baidun Family Collection





A Greek Marble Head of a Young Female


This young female is particularly unhappy, yet we don’t know why. What’s important is that it’s a surprisingly realistic rendition of an emotion that rarely gets it due in the archaeological record of ancient Greece. Most of the busts we come across are quite stoic if not outright timeless. Yet the sculptor of this bust found it necessary to furl the brows on this plump young woman for all eternity. The woman’s emotion immediately hits us, and the skill with which this piece was carved is quite impressive. This bust was less idealized and more realistic. We see evidence of this in the scowl, yet the rest of the woman’s features are quite marvellous and smoothly rendered. The woman’s cheeks are distinct and her lips are slightly curled into a wry smile. Her hair is thick and rich and has been meticulously carved and carefully planned.