Height - 18 cm


Fine condition


Baidun Family Collection





A Roman Bronze Figurine of Minerva


Minerva is the Roman name for Athena, goddess of poetry, medicine, wisdom, and the inventor of music, among other things. These symbolic associations may explain the unique posture of this figurine, her right hand raised forward and to the side, almost giving reassurance to some while giving warning to others, while the other arm rises stiffly from the hip, pulling her robes against her side. These opposing messages made this bronze figurine more than a background decoration, blessing its owner and his guests with Minerva’s benevolence. And though it is only 18 cm in height, this figure is rendered beautifully, highlighting the flowing robe, as well as Minerva’s delicate hands and face. This bronze figurine is in excellent, complete condition, and dates from approximately 100 AD – 200 AD.